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Neil works with organizations of all kinds, but his schedule fills up quickly. Neil limits his bookings to 50 per year, so let's chat.

some previous clients:

Neil Ihde is an electrifying Professional keynote speaker who definitely delivers the message. His passion for the subject matter at hand is infectious.

Shaundese Duncan | HR Director, Effingham Health System

His ability to look at all challenges with both depth and creative breadth make any partnership with Neil enlightening and very practical. Of all the individuals I’ve interacted with over the years, Neil is the most exceptional.

Janine Luz | Chief Learning Officer, Gundersen Health System

My favorite thing about Neil is his storytelling as the main way to provide training. It helps me to better relate when I can hear real-life examples. He encourages interaction throughout which makes the training lively and entertaining.

Julie Mooney | Scientist/Microbiologist, Kimberly-Clark

 Many of the participants raved not only about the content, but also about your engaging style as well.

Steve Nooyen | President Home Instead Senior Care

We always take the opportunity to see how well our members felt the presenter did, and out of more than 40 speakers, Neil ranked #1 (and I have some pretty amazing speakers)!!

Dr. Hazel Dennison | Director of Education Services, American Nephrology Nurses Association

Neil was a big win for our conference. We were delighted to have a nationally recognized speaker at our event. His expertise was evident and participants commented that his session was the best and that the takeaways were priceless.

Joy Kapheim | Leaderfest Chair

I really enjoyed the mastery of Neil. He had a holistic grasp of the material and the ability to present it with balance, humor, and grace in a manner accessible to all learning styles.

Wade Fransson | Vendor Relationship Manager, Kohl’s

Neil is incredibly knowledgeable about communication - whether it's between co-workers, volunteers or even family members. He is able to give actionable suggestions on how to give people the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

Amy Ziegler | Digital Marketing Manager, Iowa Tourism Office

Great session! Neil had the best delivery in terms of getting through slides, being engaging, and intriguing storytelling.

Dan Walsh | Director of Business Operations and Enablement, Nike

Amazing individual, fun, and very effective speaker for those who are looking for more to define their path towards leadership in the very confusing world of healthcare.

Dr. Rami Lutfi | internationally renowned bariatric surgeon, Founder of Chicago Institute of Advanced Bariatrics

Neil did a fantastic job presenting at our national conference! The room was packed out, people were standing in the back and sitting in the aisles. He has a down-to-earth style and his content and examples are relevant and relatable. Attendees were abuzz with what they learned from his session.

Rob Worth | President, Advanced Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine